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Finding Truth & Inspiration in Every Class

About Us - The Members

We are very excited, humbled, and grateful to be a part of this Ministry. 

Women of the Elect Life want to learn, explore, and understand much deeper what the scriptures are saying to us today. Liz serves "meat" for the mature. As we enter the "birth pangs" of the end of the age, people will want an answer for the hope (steadfast faith) that is in us. 

We all need to be virgins with oil in our lamp! There is plenty of oil here for you. For a Subscription of $25 a month or $50 a month as a teaching tithe. You will receive two or more new teachings each week on the Torot haSod. Sign up and join at the, click membership sign-up, and become a Member of the Elect Life today! There is more joy on the journey together.



Meet The Ministry Team

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