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Torah Teacher Liz McGee

Liz is fast becoming an expert on the Tree of Life, a systematic theology of Hebrew Exegesis (Bible Study) known as PaRDeS, an acronym that denotes four levels of understanding and meaning in scriptures. No guesswork. It is the traditional way Torah is taught and understood "precept by precept" and is the foundation that the Apostle Paul says “has already been laid”. He should know for he studied under Gamaliel, one of the greatest Torah sages of all time. This is the same foundation known and built upon by all our Priests and Prophets of our Ancient Faith. Especially as it embraces the even more ancient streams flowing from Enoch to Shem to Abraham. Follow the trail of the “Firstborns” using the "keys to the kingdom".



It is Liz’s goal to teach the Torah on these deeper levels of scriptural understanding to Ephraim (Christianity) and all honest seekers who will think through some of this information. The road to wisdom, scripture tells us is obtained by "weighing, pondering, meditating and remembering" G_d's Word.
Remember Yahshua taught his disciples scripture on a deeper more mystical level that also unlocked greater power on their part. In order to do "the works that Yahshua did, and greater works...." John 14:12 we need to "grow up" into Him in all things....yeah, even the deeper things of G_d.


I dedicate this ministry to the reunification of ALL Israel. It is my prayer that as Ephraim grows in "wisdom and understanding" realizing the great treasure Judah has saved for us, the Torah, we will only praise our brother!
It is for that reason, I believe it is imperative that "the revelation of the mystery concealed for ages past but now revealed and made known through the writings of the prophets by the command of the eternal God, BE PREACHED in order to lead all nations to the obedience that comes from faith." Rom 16:25b-26

The veil is being lifted now so that the mind filled with wisdom (PaRDeS) can see the redemptive plan of YHVH through "location, time and culture".
Praise Adonai. This level of Torah when understood and practiced in the original context of Moshe and the 70 Elders will again produce a people ready for administrative duties in the coming Kingdom of Hashem. This is the manual for the Priests of Yahweh in the millennial reign.

"On this mountain, the LORD of hosts will make for all peoples a feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wine, of rich food full of marrow (meat), of aged wine well refined." Isaiah 25:6

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